ŠIFRA : 8011
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 570 x 1120 x 900 mm

The uprights of our carrying stand are made of 2.50 mm dkp and pans of 1.2 mm dkp. It has 2 fixed shelves with pool. It is dismountable. Internal net usage in the product; There is 1 drawer, 440×440 mm. Anodized aluminum profiles are used in the drawer handles. Inside of the drawer has adjustable separator ducts with 17 mm intervals. The drawer carrying capacity is 30 kg and it has a 95% extension. Rubber surface wheels of 100 mm diameter are used, 2 fixed, 1 rotating, 1 rotating brake. There is 1 push handle. It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Usage Areas
It is generally used in auto services to put tools and hand tools next to the lift. 

 Product Advantages
Our piece carrying table with 1 drawer; provides regular appearance in workshop environments. It also aims to minimize the loss of tools and tools that are embezzled in the factory environment. 

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