ŠIFRA : AX-4122
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 400 x 1200 x 230 mm
UNUTRAŠNJE DIMENZIJE : 354 x 1154 x 215 mm


PALLET (100X120) : 22 Pcs.

TRUCK ( With 100X120 Pallet ) : 660 Pcs.

Plastic sides and bottom closed crate.

Due to its robust structure, the closed crates are highly preferred by their users due to their portability and ergonomics. Plastic Carrier crates are highly durable with different color, size and base options. Optionally, the handles can be closed or open. Closed industrial crates are suitable for use in different areas of industry

Product Features
  • External dimensions: 400 x 1200 x 230 mm
  • It is reinforced-based. Hand grips are open..
  • It can be stacked on top of each other.
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