ŠIFRA : DX-1010
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 312 x 245 x 440 mm
AX-100 : 6 Pieces
AX-200 : 4 Pieces
AX-D : 1 Pieces
PACKAGE : 5 Pieces
PACKAG M³ : 0,09 m³
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS :590 X 320 X 460 mm

Set of 10 plastic hanger panels with tool holders
Dimensions: 312 x 245 x 440 mm
AX-100 is available in 6 units and AX-200 is available in 4 units.
You can mount it side by side, on the wall and in the closet by adding them one under the other.
The tools can be attached and removed from the panel with the tabs on the back.

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