ŠIFRA : 8315
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 570 x 1120 x 985 mm
raf SAYISI : 1 Piece

Our product is produced from the bottom 35x35x1,50 mm box profile, with electrostatic powder paint. 25 mm raw MDF is used in the top of our product. Our door cabinet and 6 drawer cabinet in our work cart are produced with solid steel construction welded from 1,20 mm dkp sheet. There is a fixed shelf made of 1 galvanized sheet in height-adjustable cabinet. The rails in our drawers are made of 2,50 mm hrp sheet and work on 4 pieces of 6201 zz bearings. Our drawer handles are matt anodized coated aluminum profiles. Drawer interiors can be adjusted at 17 mm intervals, with separator channels. 125 mm rubber wheel is used in our product. There is also 1 push handle.

Usage Areas
In production and assembly lines; It is used for the transportation and storage of auxiliary materials. It can be used for transportation of medium-sized parts in the production area. 

 Product Advantages
Thanks to our work cart with 6 drawers and 1 shelf cabinet; Medium-sized materials are transported from one place to another without any physical strength, and at the same time, they are kept in the related spare parts and hand tools. If desired, the number of drawers can be increased, PVC, galvanized sheet or stainless sheet coating can be made on the table upon request. 

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