ŠIFRA : 8102
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 450 x 830 x 970 mm

Cabinet main body is made of 1.00 mm dkp sheet; It is produced as welded, robust steel sheet construction. It has 2 key central lock system. Our drawers are used with 100% opening telescopic rails, the interior is only with a vertical 17 mm spaced separator channel and has a net 730×390 mm internal usage area. Each drawer has a carrying capacity of 30 kg. Our drawer lock system; It is a safe system with one drawer open while the other is unopened. There are extra safety latches in the drawers from the OHS angle. Our drawer handles; They are produced from anodized and anodized aluminum profile with label seats. Our cabinet has a vacuum abs plastic pool with a compartment. It has push handles and rubber wheels. It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Usage Areas
In production and assembly lines; It is used for the transportation and storage of auxiliary materials. 

 Product Advantages
Our long type 4 drawer tool cart; provides regular appearance in workshop environments. It also aims to minimize the loss of tools and tools that are embezzled in the factory environment. 

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