ŠIFRA : 8040
SPOLJNE DIMENZIJE : 610 x 450 x 850 mm

Our industrial cabinet with 1 drawer and door is produced with a solid steel construction welded from 1,20mm DKP sheet. The inner use area of ​​the drawer is 450×450 mm and has a separator duct suitable for adjustment at 17 mm intervals. There is 1 height adjustable galvanized fixed shelf in the cabinet with doors. You can lock the drawer and the door part with a single key. Our product; Rubber surface wheels of 100 mm diameter are used, 2 fixed, 1 rotating, 1 rotating brake. Our product has 1 push handle.

Usage Areas
It is used as an industrial tool cabinet. It is suitable for use for the storage of special tools and measuring devices. 

 Product Advantages
The advantage of our single drawer and cupboard product is that it is used for locking with a single key and also on the muhf screen of hand tools and measuring devices.

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