Product features

  • PVC conveyor systems are conveyor systems used in many sectors and provide fast and affordable transport of the products being transported. It is especially desirable when the transported material does not have a smooth surface. Applications are made by determining the properties of the belt and chassis in accordance with the properties of the product being transported and the places to be used.
  • Types according to chassis material:
  • STEEL SHEET CHASSIS Conveyor belt made of PVC (painted and galvanized)
  • PVC conveyor belt with aluminum chassis
  • Types according to their shapes:
  • Smooth linear: desirable for transporting products without any differences in altitude. transport of products, collection, transport devices for transport of products between machines, etc.
  • Tilted conveyors: These are conveyors used to transport products to a high location. Generally, sacks with packages, etc. are often used for transport between floors due to low cost and safety.
  • Passage: Used when the transport line cannot be moved straight or allow forklifts and vehicles to pass.
  • With Z chassis: When there is a height difference in the transport lines or when it is desired to raise the transported product.
  • Folded back: Suitable for taking low-level products to the level of the line, although it reduces the life of the tape. It works without problems with the right choice of range.
  • Folded: Used when there is a difference in height between transport lines.